Real Love Stories: Keeping The Essence

Meg Lizabet’s Real Love Stories is an interview series dedicated to retracing our customers’ roads to “yes”—from finding each other, to discovering the ring that symbolizes their journey.

Chapter 2

Andrea & Antonio


Antonio (he/him) and Andrea (she/her)

Tell us all about your story! How did you first meet?

We have been together for 3 years!

We met in a condo building in Etobicoke. It turns out we both had the same idea to purchase units in the building as an investment. We bonded over showing each other our places and one thing led to another and we kept seeing more of each other!

Simply adorable. Was there a particular moment you knew they were “the one”?

When we spoke about our futures and pictured growing old together.


This must have led up to quite the storybook proposal. How did it all unravel?

We had a board game day planned with Antonio’s sister and brother in law and the game had a story to follow. So his sister wrote a passage that I thought was part of the game (and the passage was directed to me). I honestly had no idea what was going on until I saw the ring at the bottom of the game box.

I looked at Antonio with a confused face and all he said was “it’s a question” - and then I said “yes” and gave him a big kiss. We then called my parents and they rushed over and we all had champagne. It was a lovely day 🥰


“I knew the diamond and setting that Andrea would like and Meg had ideas right away.”

Okay, that’s definitely a storybook proposal! After that, how did you go about finding the perfect ring?

Antonio convinced me that I needed a diamond ring if we were going to get married, so I started doing research into ethical diamonds and stumbled upon Made You Look

From there, I narrowed my search to only Meg’s designs because they were my favourite! I started spamming Antonio’s Instagram with beautiful salt-and-pepper diamonds and designs. And then he picked one he liked and designed a ring for me!


Did you find it difficult at all to design your own ring?

The ring process was fairly straightforward. I knew the diamond and setting that Andrea would like and Meg had ideas right away. 

We knew which rings we wanted for wedding bands so Meg designed the engagement ring to work with our wedding bands.

 “The best thing about working with [Meg] was how she brought my idea of the ring to life with very little information.”

Tell us about the ring! What did you end up with?

It’s a salt and pepper, 2.3-carat marquise-shaped diamond with a solitaire setting and it’s beautiful!


That just sounds so stunning. So, what’s next for you both? When is the wedding?!

We are getting married on August 12, 2022 at Universal in Vaughan with (hopefully) all of our friends and family! The main things we focused on were lots of drinks and food and there is indoor and outdoor space which should be great.

One thing I am very excited about is wearing my mom’s wedding dress from 1987! We are getting it altered a bit, but the essence of the dress will remain.

How beautiful. I’m sure your mom will be so happy to see you in that dress. Now that everything has been planned and you’ve found your perfect ring, what do you remember loving the most about working with Meg?

Meg was amazing. The best thing about working with her was how she brought my idea of the ring to life with very little information (I have 0 knowledge on rings).

Just like Andrea’s wedding dress, the engagement ring Antonio created with Meg was brought to life with an “essence” in mind. Knowing Andrea’s love for salt-and-pepper diamonds, Antonio came to Meg, a certified gemologist, and crafted a bespoke design that contained everything he knew Andrea would love.

Stay tuned for more Real Love Stories.