Bespoke Jewellery

For those looking for an exclusive one of a kind piece of jewellery that is meticulously handcrafted by Meg Lizabet herself to your exacting standards and individual style, we offer our bespoke services.

Services Offered

Bespoke Commission
This premium service will have you work directly with Meg to bring your vision and ideas to fruition, resulting in a piece of jewelry that is as unique as you. Own a piece of wearable art that you will cherish forever, knowing that it was crafted exclusively for you to capture your very own story and personality. 

Customization of Existing Meg Lizabet Designs 
If you see something you love in our store, but would like it customized to fit your particular tastes, then this service is for you. Let our team work with you to source the perfect stone and metals to create your own version of an existing Meg Lizabet design. 

Up-cycle Modern Heirlooms
Repurposing precious gems and materials found in family heirlooms and keepsakes is a way to honour the past while at the same time expressing it in a contemporary way. Transform your old mementos into a modern expression of style, creating a piece that represents a new chapter in your story and blends the past present and future into one. 

Please note the minimum fee for bespoke services is $3000 CAD. 

If you would like to schedule an initial consultation for any of the above services, please use the scheduler below.

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