Giving Back

Meg Lizabet is committed to giving back to the community that not only inspired her but also supported her during a difficult time in her life.  

After the death of her mother to suicide at the age of 15, she was deeply impacted by the loss. The struggle to heal and grow as a young teenager was nothing short of difficult. 

It wasn't until many years later that she found a solid support system, therapy, medication and group counselling that helped her get to where she is today. Thanks to the increasing awareness around mental health, more and more tools are available to those that need them.

Because of her commitment and dedication to giving back to the community that once held her up, Meg Lizabet will donate proceeds of every sale to Workman Arts Organization in association with CAMH. Workman Arts is a multidisciplinary arts organization that promotes a greater understanding of mental health and addiction issues through creation and presentation.

Thank you for all of your support of Meg Lizabet Jewellery and in turn, for supporting many Canadians in need today.