How to Handle Loose Rings in Winter: Tips and Tricks

As the chill of winter sets in, many of us experience some unexpected changes, and one of them might catch you by surprise: your ring feeling too loose. Don't panic! This happens to most of our clients during the colder months - particularly our local clients here in Canada! The colder temperatures can affect the size of your fingers, causing rings to slip and slide. We’ve heard of clients almost losing their rings for this reason but don’t worry - we’ve got you.  In this blog, we'll explore why this happens and share practical solutions to ensure your precious treasures stay snug on your finger during the frosty months!

Why do Rings Get Loose in Winter?

Before diving into solutions, it's important to understand why your ring might feel too big during winter. The primary culprit is the natural response of our bodies to cold temperatures. When it's cold, our blood vessels constrict to conserve heat, causing a reduction in finger size. This reduction can make once well-fitting rings feel loose and precarious.

Immediate Fixes: Temporary Solutions for a Snug Fit

1. Adjustable Ring Sizers:

An adjustable ring guard is a simple and effective solution. These are small, comfortable and discreet coils that can be attached to the inside of your ring, effectively reducing its size. They are easily removable, making them an affordable and temporary fix for the winter season! Get your own ring sizers here (we swear by them)!

2. Layering with Other Rings:

Consider wearing another ring on the same finger to act as a buffer. This can add some extra bulk to help keep your loose ring in place but in a more aesthetic way than a ring guard ;) We have some gorgeous stacking options and ring jackets to choose from here. Get creative and let your personality shine - it’s one of our favourite ways to make a statement while solving the sizing issue.

 Long-Term Solutions: Addressing the Root Cause

1. Re-Sizing

If your ring consistently feels too big, it might be time to consider resizing. Visit us to discuss resizing. If possible, we always recommend taking your ring back to the jeweler or goldsmith that made it - they know your ring inside out after all 🙂 They can assess you for the proper size and discuss the resizing process. Ring sizing involves cutting open your band and soldering it back together so it is best to only resize your ring when absolutely necessary; it isn’t ideal or advised to size your ring with the changing seasons as it wears away at your gold and creates multiple solder seams. Keep in mind that resizing might not be suitable for all types of rings, so be sure to seek expert advice.

 2. Using Sizing Balls:

Sizing balls are little granules of metal that are soldered into the interior part of your band. The granules are typically made from the same material as your ring and placed at 5 o’clock and 7 o’clock. These little balls make your ring feel more tight and secure on your finger. It also keeps your ring straight and prevents it from spinning around, acting as an anchor. 

Preventive Measures: Keeping Your Rings Secure in Winter

Regular Maintenance:

Ok, we’re going into Ring Mom mode now haha! We know life is busy but scheduling regular check-ups with your jeweller to ensure that your rings are in good condition is a must for an investment piece. Clean your rings at home regularly to remove creams and grime in order to properly check and listen for loose gems. Loose stones or weakened prongs can exacerbate the problem of a loose-fitting ring and no one wants that! Check out of favourite, user friendly Ultrasonic Cleaner or follow the link below to learn a few easy, at-home cleaning tips!

Check out our blog on ring cleaning here

Embracing Winter with Confidence

While the cold weather may bring about unexpected challenges for your jewelry, there are practical solutions to ensure your rings stay securely on your fingers. From temporary fixes like ring guards to long-term solutions like resizing, there's no need to let winter compromise your style or put your precious jewelry at risk. Stay ahead of the game by being proactive in addressing the issue, and you'll be able to embrace the winter season with confidence and style.