5 Reasons to Clean Your Ring That You Probably Never Thought of!

5 Reasons to Clean Your Ring That You Probably Never Thought of!


Did you just get engaged? Have you been staring endlessly at your new ring? Good! Today, let's dive into something that might not be on your radar but is absolutely essential – keeping that engagement ring of yours as fresh and fabulous as you are. We all know how incredible it feels to rock that stunning bling, but there's more to it than meets the eye. Let's spill the tea on the less-known reasons why cleaning your engagement ring is a total game-changer and I’ll give you a refresher on proper care steps. 

  1. Hygiene Queen 👑

Picture this: your hands touching all sorts of things throughout the day, from doorknobs to elevator buttons – and yes, even those delicious snacks. The result? A hidden party of germs that love to crash on your ring (gross!) Cleaning your ring regularly is like giving it a spa day, keeping those icky invaders at bay for a healthier you! 

  1. #SkinGoals

Feeling a bit itchy, fashionistas? A ring that hasn't seen a cleaning day can trap all sorts of lotions, soaps, and sweat against your skin. Not cute! Believe it or not, bacterial buildup and trapped moisture can cause something called dermatitis, causing inflammation, itching or blistering. Dermatitis can also be caused by allergies to metal alloys in jewellery. By keeping your rings clean it keeps bacteria at bay and helps you to determine if your reaction may actually be caused by an allergy. Keep that ring clean, and you can say goodbye to skin drama.

  1. Timeless Treasure ⏳

Your engagement ring is more than a sparkly piece of jewelry; it's a timeless symbol of your love story. But if you neglect it, you risk compromising its structure. Dirt and grime can weaken the metal, damage settings, and lead to disaster. Some gemstones cannot be exposed to chemicals and the longer unwanted solutions sit on your gems the more damage you may be causing. Things like chlorine can also eat away at the alloys in your gold, contaminated metal will surely affect the lifespan of your jewels. Regular cleaning and maintenance? That's your ticket to a ring that will last forever(as well as taking it off when appropriate)!

  1. Prong Party 🎉

Let's not forget the unsung heroes – the prongs. Those tiny claws that hold your gorgeous gem in place need to be in top-notch shape. A dirty or loose prong can spell disaster for your precious stone. If your stone is loose you may not realize it because of dried lotion sticking to your prongs like glue. The next time you take a plunge in a pool, that build up may wash away leaving your stone at risk of falling out. Cleaning your ring at home keeps those prongs in check and ensures your centerpiece stays secure.

5. Chips (and not the potato kind)

Chips are the dreaded consequence of trauma or improper handling. Whether you forgot to take your ring off at the gym, knocked your diamond off the countertop or dropped your ring at just the right height on the wrong surface, gemstones can chip and break. It’s important to regularly clean your ring to ensure you are able to notice any wear and tear. Chips or fractures can easily be disguised by dirt and grime and its better to catch damage as soon as it occurs in order to prevent further damage or loss. 


Read on for care tips…

Proper Ring Cleaning Tips from a Professional: 

  1. Make a paste of baking soda, dish soap and warm water. Any dish soap will do here. 
  2. Use a soft or old toothbrush to apply the paste to your ring and gently scrub away. 
  3. Use the bristles of the toothbrush to get into all the crevices and in between settings. 
  4. Rinse with warm water until the paste has been completely washed away.
  5. Dry with a lint free cloth or brown paper towel- regular paper towel leaves annoying little fluffs behind.
  6. If you’re a real keener you can blow dry your ring to ensure there are no watermarks or residue left behind. 

What Not to Do: 

  1. DON’T use chemical jewellery cleaners or store bought jewellery dips. Not all dips are made equal and may damage your softer gemstones or metal.
  2. DON’T use boiling or super hot water to clean your rings. Some gemstones are prone to thermal shock and may shatter if exposed to high temperatures. If you’re not sure about your gemstone it's best to avoid hot water. 
  3. DON’T polish your ring regularly with polishing compounds. Lint-free cloths are great for giving your ring a quick shine and removing fingerprints from your gemstones; however, polishing cloths that contain polishing compounds are not meant to be used regularly. Polishing compound is abrasive and will remove microns of gold over time. It’s best to leave polishing to the pros. 
  4. DON’T use an ultrasonic cleaner unless you are absolutely positive your gemstone can withstand it. Gemstones like Emeralds, Opals, tanzanite, pearls and Moonstone should never go into the ultrasonic.

In a nutshell, while it's all about the love, never forget the responsibility that comes with keeping that engagement ring shining. From staying germ-free to flaunting your fabulous rock, cleaning your ring should be a style statement of its own. So, remember to take a moment to pamper that ring, and let it shine just as brilliantly as you do! 💍💖✨