Movement in Love Gallery on Zsuzsi Pal

It’s finally here! The shoot I’ve been dreaming about for so long is in print for the January 2019 issue of Elegant Wedding Magazine.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been drawn to movement whether artistic like dance or gymnastics or sport in general. Being involved in gymnastics myself when I was younger, taught me to visualize certain positions that would photograph well. My goal was to feature a couple as my bride and groom who were also real dancers. This way, they wouldn’t have to pretend to dance, they could just do it! The bride and groom, Miranda and Ryan are Acro Yoga instructors; Acro Buddhas. They are constantly pushing the envelope in their field and were so excited to be a part of this project.

When I described my vision to world class planner, Shannon Bellisle, she told me she’d been dying to do one similar as well! It was perfect, our brainstorming was seamless and our plans fell perfectly aligned. The idea grew from movement of the couple, to movement in as many aspects as we could manage. For starters, we wanted to have a real show stopper table setting that no one’s ever seen before. Shannon came up with the brilliant idea of having real aerial silks dancers as our floating centrepiece gracefully hanging above our table. From the amazing florals by Shelley of Wine Country Floral to the fabulous cake decor by the lovely ladies at The Rolling Pin as well as the soft and flowing stationary by The Polka Dot Paper Shop, our look was really coming together.

The three amazing gowns were provided by Kim of Valencienne Bridal. Matthew Davignon created the two fabulous suits for our groom. In all of the looks, it was important that the dresses flow with the movement and that the suits would stretch enough to allow for lifts.

Once the actual shoot date came around, it was just pure magic from start to finish. I can honestly say that I’ve never worked on a collaboration that felt this positive and supportive as this incredible team did! Everyone was on board with the vision and it’s because of this incredible teamwork that this shoot turned out the way that it did.

Thank you for everyone’s tireless hard work in ensuring that we all reached our goal! I am so humbled to have worked with you all.

Here is a list of the wonderful people that made this shoot a reality!

Photography: Zsuzsi Pal Photography
Planning, Design & Caligraphy: Shannon Bellisle
Photo Assistant: Julius Ding Photography
Bride/Groom: Acro Buddhas
Flowers: Wine Country Floral
Gowns: Valencienne Bridal
Suits: Matthew Davignon
Hair: Hair By Taylor Lynn
Makeup: Nicole Grittani
Jewellery: Meg Lizabet
Stationary: The Polka Dot Paper Shop
Table Top Decor: Plate Occasions 
Linen: Linen Closet
Cake & Sweets: The Rolling Pin
Chairs: Detailz Chair Couture
Silks Dancers: Bobby, Jamie and Haley
Venue: Mint Room Studios

-Zsuzsi Pal

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