Areia Giveaway Contest

For four days we ran a contest on Instagram with 3 Areia Rings as the prize up for grabs! It was an unbelievable turnout as so many followers took to their homes and backyards in search of the perfect materials to create a winning jewellery design. The name of the game was sustainability and creativity- use household items only to create a piece of jewellery to qualify you in the running to win a diamond and gold Areia ring! The main goal was to help everyone feel inspired and have a little fun during these trying, covid times and the response was nothing short of incredible. 

To say it was a great turnout would be quite an understatement! Not only did we have over 200 total entries, we heard some really incredible, heartwarming stories about the origins of their family heirlooms and most adored, coveted pieces of jewellery. We read stories of heroism, love, grief and loss and that only scratches the surface of the kind of meaning your jewellery carries! We thank you for sharing such personal and sentimental information about yourselves!

Everyone truly amazed us and we want to thank each and every one of you for participating and sharing the challenge with your friends and family. We cannot wait to host another giveaway!

The winner of the Sterling Silver Areia ring is new fan Michelle V. 

The winner of the Rose Gold Areia ring is VIP client Laura Darby.

The winner of the Rose Gold and Diamond Areia ring is VIP client Megan Segrew.

Thank you ladies, enjoy your prize!

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